@refugeingrief on Instagram: “Today’s #GriefLoveStory comes from Jes Lane (@starsprae): This is one of my favorite pictures of my oldest son, Oscar. It embodies his…”

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Today's #GriefLoveStory comes from Jes Lane (@starsprae): This is one of my favorite pictures of my oldest son, Oscar. It embodies his spirit. He was encouraging others to join the debate team so they could be debate superheroes! He was brilliant, kind, and had the most amazing eyes. Oscar died of pediatric suicide on September 11, 2015. At first I found great solace with an online community of others who had experienced the sudden, tragic loss of loved ones to suicide. After almost a year of slogging through the massive weight of grief that comes with this type of loss I felt that I needed more. The traditional stages of grief felt stale and completely wrong. If there was one thing that had become completely clear over that first year of life without Oscar it was that my pain would not ever go away. I stumbled on Megan's blog one day. It was like a ray of sunshine through the dense clouds of my impossibly heavy grief. I read the words, "Some things cannot be fixed, they can only be carried.” Every moment of everyday I feel the loss of my son. It is the filter through which I see and feel everything. I miss Oscar more than words could ever express, to the marrow of my bones, to a cellular level. I am grateful for Megan because she is such an incredible advocate for normalizing grief. Since I have joined her in The Tribe of After I have had the realization that our culture is dysfunctional because of the way we handle grief. It is the root cause for so much of what ails us. She is my inspiration to keep talking and sharing about my grief experience. I honor my grief now and am learning how to treat myself kindly. I adore Megan's book and have been giving copies away to everyone that I love, whether they have experienced a loss related to death or other life changing circumstance. #itsokyourenotok #grieflovestory #tribeofafter #grief #refugeingrief #suicide #grieflovestories

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I took a break from Instagram and Facebook for a while. While I was gone my #GriefLoveStory was shared by Megan Devine. Once on January 21st and once on May 23rd, which was Pierce’s birthday! This was such a pleasant surprise to find tonight. #keeptalkingkeepsharing #bereavedmotherslove #oscarpower #stopsuicide #TribeofAfter

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